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Do you remember our adventurous trip „In 80 days around the world“ from 2004? Now it’s time for new challenges for the Kulturgruppe Jena. Our annual events such as joint meetings at Whitsun, New Year’s parties, father/kid-trips, or the annual part of the rafting tour from Jena to Hamburg have bound us together.

Now we want to go beyond borders and leave the old world behind. Let’s travel through the American continent on the PANAMERICANA and spread the name of our hometown Jena around the world.

We, the „Kulturgruppe Jena“, are primarily a group of friends who met first at school. Born between 1960 and 1966, raised under socialism, now standing our ground in the capitalist society - proud fathers and heads of families, but nevertheless eleven individuals.

20 years have been passed since the Fall of the Wall. We have built houses, planted trees and raised children. Now eleven friends want to go from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska in 60 days. Will it be possible?

We want to prove it …